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James M. Roberto

Former Mayor
City of Pittsfield

“The Boys’ Club was a major influence for me. The club was like a free rec center where we could go and shoot a little pool or play table tennis. And then there were the Friday night movies. I'm Catholic and also went to the CYC, so there was a whole world of things to do right there on Melville Street. But I have to say that Jim Mooney was an incredible presence who instilled values in more than one generation of Pittsfield kids.”

Benjamin B. Downing

State Senator

"Growing up in Pittsfield, I spent many hours - after school and on the weekends - on Melville Street, playing and coaching basketball and attending various community events. Even at a young age, it was clear that the Boys’ and Girls’ Club was a special place. Every resident of Pittsfield and beyond was welcome, could feel at home, and could grow. As an adult, my appreciation for the role the Boys and Girls Club plays has grown. The wide variety of services and programs it offers are integral in bridging the gap between classroom hours and the end of parents' workdays. We are lucky that little has changed when it comes to the club. The staff is dedicated, caring and hardworking. The organization - including its countless volunteers - is as committed as ever to improving the quality of life in the community that I, and so many others, are proud to call home."

The Honorable Paul E. Perachi

Retired Juvenile Court Judge

“When it comes to the Boys’ and Girls’ Club, I hardly know where to start. I can say it was the perfect place. It was a major influence on me in every way. I played sports, went to the dances, went to the movies, played on those Carrom tables … they were great! Remember, this was the Fred Fahey/Jim Mooney era. They were two of the greatest community assets Pittsfield ever had. The club, under their leadership, helped me to develop self-confidence and social skills that were so key to me as I went on. I think it’s probably the best club in the country. I noticed in my travels that Pittsfield had more resources like this than anywhere. Kids had someplace to go when school was out, which, as we know, is when they can get into trouble. And as a judge, I often had lawyers offer participation at the club and community service there as factors in deciding a given case. I started as a 7-year-old paying a dime for a membership. What a bargain!”

Mike Wynn

Chief of Police
Pittsfield, MA

“We consider the club a tremendous resource for the area. It gives everybody an opportunity to participate and obviously, it is an excellent alternative to other less attractive things that kids can do in their spare time. A lot of our officers and the court officers are involved with the club on a casual basis, coaching and helping out with various activities. We're very happy with the programs, and what the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Pittsfield means to our community.”